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This Insurance Product Information Document provides a summary of the main coverage and exclusions and is not personalized to your specific individual needs. Complete pre-contractual and contractual information is provided in the full policy documentation.


What is this type of insurance?

This is a product designed to cover losses, claims and/or damage to the buildings or contents of your home or rental residence.  


What is insured? 


✓ Fire (including forest fire), Lightning, Explosion of any kind, Smoke

✓ Short-Circuit up to € 5.000

✓ Falling of aircraft, Impact of vehicles

✓ Falling of trees, branches, antennas and poles

✓ Terrorists Acts, Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotions

✓ Vandalism, Sabotage, Malicious Damage by third party ✓ Flood, Storm, Tempest and other weather perils

✓ Breakage, leakage, overflow of pipes, tanks, installations for water-supply, central-heating, air-conditioning, solar-heaters, fire-fighting and sewage.

  1. i) Damages resulting from wear/tear and/or poor workmanship are also covered but limited to € 15.000 for buildings over 25 years old.
  2. ii) Expenses for identifying damages up to € 3.000. iii) Damages caused to the communal space that corresponds to the apartment insured (only for apartments in multi-storey buildings) up to € 3.000.

✓ Debris removal expenses up to 5% of total insured amount.

✓ Accidental breakage of glass panels up to € 5.000

General Third-Party Liability for Bodily Injuries and Material Damages up to total insured amount, maximum € 1.000.000 or € 2.000.000 (depending on limit selected)

✓ Expenses for temporary relocation, removal up to € 3.000

✓ Damage during contents removal due to covered risk up to 5% of the contents value, maximum € 3.000

✓ Architects, engineers and state authorities fees

✓ Breakage of sanitary ware up to € 1.500

✓ Cover of newly acquired items up to € 15.000

✓ Food Protection: Deterioration of food up to € 300

✓ Family Personal Accident Cover: Death / Permanent total disablement due to accident up to € 20.000, Medical – Pharmaceutical Expenses due to accident up to € 1.000 per person / accident / year

✓ Feel Secure: Expenses for necessary modifications in your residence due to permanent total disablement up to € 5.000 per person / accident / year.

✓ Pet Care Protection: injury of pet(s), veterinary expenses, hospitalization services, accommodation expenses due to covered risk up to € 3.000

✓ Accidental damage up to € 3.000, when total insured amount is > € 150.000

✓ Underinsurance Protection up to 10% on total insured amount.

✓ Housing – mortgage loan instalments cover up to 10% on building sum insured, maximum 12 months

✓ Damages to the building due to attempted theft up to € 5.000

✓ Theft of building parts up to € 5.000

✓ Theft following forcible entry or robbery

✓ Theft of valuable objects kept in a bank safe deposit box up to € 6.000 (if a permanent residence is insured)

✓ Bicycle Protection: Theft of bicycle from closed private locked place (combined with theft cover) up to € 1.000 per bicycle and € 2.000 annually.

✓ Card Protection: up to € 500 per event & € 1.500 annually

✓ Document Protection: up to € 600

✓ Feel Better: Psychological support to family up to € 500 ✓ Notary fees for restoration of titles & deeds up to € 300

✓ Loss of rent up to € 500/per day and maximum 3 months

✓ Personal belongings up to € 2.500/person, up to € 10.000

✓ Earthquake, fire due to earthquake

✓ Soil subsidence, landslide, and / or ground heave


Are there any restrictions on cover?


ǃ Coverage is valid under the necessary condition that the residences /rental residences are supervised by the administration company’s janitor on weekly basis during the time periods that remain unoccupied. In case the insured residence is located within or near a forest area, photographs of the outside and the surrounding area must be sent to the company.

ǃ Theft cover is provided on condition of certain protection measures, which vary depending on the sum insured, whether the residence is permanent or temporary (vacation residence).

ǃ Coverage is not provided only for content coverage.

ǃ Earthquake coverage is provided to buildings constructed after 1960, unless the buildings have undergone static reinforcement. ǃ Buildings are insurable if constructed out of reinforced concrete, bricks, stone with a terraced roof, unless otherwise agreed.

ǃ Buildings are insured at current replacement value.

ǃ Pools, sheds, auxiliary installations can be also insured but only for Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Falling of Aircraft cover


What is not insured?


 Volcanic eruption, hurricane, cyclone, tsunami or other violent atmospheric / geological distortions and their consequences

 Wilful misconduct or breach of trust or dishonest or criminal acts in general or intentional omission etc.

 Third Parties to whom the custody of the Insured Items has been assigned

 Sound blast, sound waves generated by flying devices and aircrafts, transmitted at sonic or supersonic speed.

 Mysterious or unexplained disappearance

 Theft with the use of master key or lost keys as well as theft without evident signs of forcible entry or use of violence

 Faulty design & construction of the Insured Items

 Normal wear & tear, poor maintenance or workmanship, incremental / gradual alteration / deterioration due to any cause (including corrosion, mould, any kind of pollution or contamination, rust, weight loss, discoloration, temperature variations, humidity, dryness, fermentation).

 Electronic risks, system malfunction, transfer of viruses etc.  Damages to the Insured Items due to construction, repair operations and modifications in general.

 Damage caused by sewage installations, unless the insured building is less than 25 years old or the entire sewage installation has been replaced within the last 25 years prior to the occurrence of the damage.

 Any form of contamination or escape of pollutants.

 Direct and/or consequential damages/losses, as a result of pandemics, epidemics and communicable diseases in general.

 Use of flammable materials, explosive or incendiary materials or other similar hazardous materials.

 Pre-existing damages, whether known to you or not

 Items in transport outside the premises

 Items that are kept in third party premises

 Items made of silver, gold, bars / plates of gold and other precious or semi-precious metal, stones, jewellery, watches, cash / money, currencies of all types, securities of any kind and under any name.

 Postage stamps, collections of stamps or other items, diagrams, drawings, prototypes, manuscripts and copies, rare books, medals, competition cups and all kinds of rare items and collections or heirlooms etc.

 Registered land or sea vehicles, trailers, motor vehicles on rails, marine vessels, aircrafts, and items in the water.

 Loss of water or combustible materials

 Flammable and explosive materials.

 Live animals and organisms, trees, plants and all kinds of vegetation inside and outside the insured Residence, land plots, etc.

 Unoccupied buildings or buildings which are not maintained.


Cost of Insurance

Insured Items Gross Rate (cost per € 1.000 of insured value)

Building 1,80

Content 2,20


Minimum Annual Premium    # € 300 #


Supplementary Risks with Extra Cost Annual Gross Premium

General Third Party Liability up to € 2.000.000

€ 180


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